Less than a year into her new venture, Freshly Ground Copy, seasoned writer Nicola Scott already has a strong and happy client base. As she tells us how she got started, beware… She may just inspire you to follow your dreams, too!

When the pandemic hit, it was now or never…

“I launched my freelance copywriting business in May 2021 and in just four months, I’d already completed work for ten clients in various sectors, from oil and gas to food and drink to not-for-profits.

Believe it or not, though, I started out with the aim of becoming a solicitor. I worked at Aberdeen Solicitors’ Property Centre while studying at the University of Aberdeen and it was here that I met Alan Mearns, managing director of local marketing agency Mearns & Gill.

In the end, it turned out that law wasn’t for me – I just couldn’t see myself doing it every day. When I finished my degree I explored other areas and a chat with Alan chat resulted in a traineeship and ten-year career! That decade confirmed how much I loved to write and I’d always wondered whether I could provide that service as a freelancer. I’d even thought up a business name, just in case.

When the pandemic hit and I was unfortunately made redundant, I had my chance. It was now or never, and I picked ‘now’! Freshly Ground Copy was born.“

My first priority was getting out there quickly

“I worked with some talented web developers to get online, set up my e-mail address and recorded a launch video. Hitting the ‘post’ button to share who I am and what I’m all about with the world via LinkedIn was exciting and terrifying in equal measure but the response to my video was incredibly positive.

I’ve always seen myself as a resource for my clients. I want them to spend less time worrying about putting content together so they can spend more time selling. But it’s not just a case of providing copy for websites, newsletters and blogs – the relationships are important, too. I’ve always been a meticulous planner and like people to know everything’s taken care of.

My biggest challenge has been the mindset shift. After a guaranteed pay packet for ten years, this felt a little scary and I had to think about my finances differently. It was massively outweighed by the positives, though. I try to work no more than six hours per day and take the weekends off. Having a more flexible schedule is perfect for walking my Shiba Inu, Enzo!”

I love #ellonlife because…

Nicola Scott of Freshly Ground Copy, Ellon, Aberdeenshire

Nicola Scott

“Treats from Bakeology by Matt are the best end-of-the-working-week treat! In all seriousness, though, Ellon is a lovely place to live and work. It’s got a relaxed feel, friendly people and great dog walks. I love a browse around the town’s charming independent shops, like Myriad, and there are plenty of places to get something fresh, delicious and locally-sourced to eat.”

Quickfire Q&A

What’s your USP?
My writing talents combined with my planning skills. It’s important to get the words right but you need a plan for how things will get done.

What’s your advice to others setting up a business?
Know who you are, what you stand for and what you offer from the outset. It’ll make everything you do feel authentic. And be sure to set boundaries – with yourself and others.

Best bit so far?
In all honesty, getting out there and going for it! Results are brilliant but launching in the first place has to be my highlight. It’s something I’d never have imagined doing.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
With a growing business and lots of new, exciting projects. I’d like to work in as many different sectors as I can because diversity really pushes me to do my best

Get in touch

Nicola Scott, Freshly Ground Copy
email: nicola@freshlygroundcopy.com
Visit: www.freshlygroundcopy.com

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